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What is in a name?

Just as in a person’s name - it’s an identity. What we wanted to bring to Blaine was a social atmosphere with a tie to the city’s history. The 1890 comes from the year Blaine was first incorporated (May 20, 1890) and was named after James G. Blaine. Blaine was seen not only as the gateway to Canada, but as well the gateway to the gold rush in the 1800’s. 


As Blaine had many mottos over the years, the one that caught our eye for what the community was also known as is “The Gateway to the Pacific Northwest” As we border Canada we are also seen as the gateway to the south for our northern neighbors. The first customs office opened in Blaine in 1888. 


So when you’re thinking of where to go out next time – just say “lets go to ‘the gate’ or to ‘the 1890’” or as we have called it – ‘Gateway 1890 Taphouse & Grill’ - See you next time! 

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