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What was I thinking?

I have asked myself this many times, but I also have had a goal since college (many moon's ago) to one day open a bar. As time went by and my life took me to a marketing and creative design employment direction, I never stopped about thinking one day this is what I want to do. I’m a very social and creative person that as well, enjoys beer. As a resident in Blaine, and as a visitor for many years, I have seen this city transform from many things. From vibrant bars and entertainment in the 70;s and 80’s to a shopping destination for canadians in the 90’s and as of lately a packaging pickup service in the 2000’s. Nothing wrong with any of them, its what consumers wanted out of our city.


But what I like now as we move in to the 2020’s is the new visions of making Blaine a destination. As the focus is on the downtown core to bring back bakeries, food services, shops - we have the opportunity to build a destination within a destination. For me, I feel at this point of my life, with two grown up son’s, a wife that values my ideas and goals - this is the time to make a move and fulfill that college goal.


The love I have for this community and city, inspires me more to make this goal happen not only for me, but for the residence and visitor's of Blaine as well.

- Gary Slavin, Owner/Operator

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